Attain victory and be whole with our Creator's healing touch in spirit, soul and body!



Are you in bondage with strong thought patterns, anger, resentment, fears, dysfunctional relationships, addictions, health issues or occult spirits?. Come have your heart healed and be set free from evil spirits and thoughts. Learn who God has really created you to be: your true identity. Be trained in your authority as a son/daughter of God and live in His love. We deal with root issues behind your problems. Only then will the symptoms and behaviours change.
Learn how to see reality from God's perspective;
Learn how not to judge other people’s souls and be able to walk in the forgiveness of our heavenly Father;
Be aware of how fear comes into your life and how to be free from it;
Keys and victory over inferiority complex, addictive behaviours, low self esteem, victim mentality, self deprecation, rejection, envy and jealousy, sense of shame & guilt, etc.;
Study how unforgiveness and bitterness may result in unhealthy stress and in many diseases or illnesses;
Able to speak into your present situation to bring change and healing/wholeness;
Receive new perspective on the topic of Occultism to increase discernment on the subtle strategies of the enemy;
Our Heavenly Father’s Love fills the void in the life of the abused and those who never felt loved in a meaningful way;
Sleep better, overcome nightmares or night terrors, wake up refreshed;
Get victory over anger, rage, bitterness and how to stay free;
Understand God does not withhold anything good;
Family relationships come into alignment as you apply these principles, removing strife from home;
Understand how to protect from attacks from strong thoughts, feelings of anxiety, worry, depression, unworthiness, rejection, fears, etc.;
Learn to demolish demonic strongholds from your life and house;
Able to discern good and evil as the truth of God enlightens your heart;
Men understand their God-given spiritual position within their household, bringing spiritual alignment for his family resulting in obedient children, and healthy marital relationships. Children may be set free of learning disorders;
Many illnesses and diseases cured;
Spiritual leaders are using these truths with great effectiveness in their ministries;
Spiritual leaders are using these truths with great effectiveness in their ministries;
Understand who Jesus is and what He did for us with new clarity;
The ongoing ministry outreach through you to bring integrated wholeness in spirit, soul and body to all those interested from all nations of the world.

Did you know you don't have to die to "meet your Maker"? Make an appointment for personalized ministry with our Creator’s counsel custom designed and applied to your life and issues. We see you through the loving eyes of our Creator, treating you with honour and respect. Our goal is to lovingly share the truth with practical applications to see you restored to health and freedom.




In this course you will learn from God's Truth how you can be free from issues from your past and present. You will become discerning and learn to walk in the wholeness that our Heavenly Father has made available.
We will be deal with topics like:
How to heal a broken heart | Our Heavenly Father's Love | Temptation | Anger | Unforgiveness and bitterness | Fears | Occultism | Envy and Jealousy | Accusation | Rejection | Addiction |  Rejection | Addictions
 | Spirit beings and angels: fact or fiction? | and more



This course is open to all those who have completed the Walking in Wholeness Basic Course. It builds on the topics we studied in the basic course and you will learn how to share the principles and truths with others in ministry opportunities. Whether you desire to see your family healed and whole, pray with someone in hospital or teach on a ministry team, this course is for you. Your life will never be the same as you live in the love of our Heavenly Father, the fellowship, authority and power of Holy Spirit, abounding in the Living Word of God





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