Our mission

Equipping You To Live In Health, Freedom And Joy Through Right Relationship With Your Heavenly Father.

Our vision

HTYM Vision

To see all nations in the world walk in the freedom of holiness & wholeness to bring both glory to God and God’s love & life to mankind. Then go and share the truth with others.

Our Story

Our Journey To Health




Health to You Ministry was born as a direct leading of God in Tim and Karen’s life.

In ministry since 1975, God had prepared them for this international ministry and mentorship of leaders, that started in their living room, Hamilton, ON. They have watched thousands touched by God’s healing grace, truth and love, transforming their lives. Bless God forever!



Latin America

Patricia Ceciarelli, born in Mexico, is one of our Directors of HTYM.

Patricia has a heart for her people and desires that all of Hispanic America enjoy their abundant life in God.

We have had seminars, courses and other ministry in Mexico and Canada up to the present date amongst the Spanish speaking population.


Health to you ministries Latin America



Walking in Wholeness ministry team in Barbados Pastor Hal & Jane Cumberbatch.

The WIW ministry team in Barbados is growing each year with committed people whose lives have been touched by God. Mentorship and training has been equipping this team to carry on the ministry. The goal is that we will reach the Caribbean from Barbados.

HTYM Barbados Website

Health to you ministry barbados



HTYM partners with Dr. Dhaneshkumar N. Christian, director of Arogya Seva Charitable Trust registered in Gujarat, India.

Dr. Christian had a vision from God in 2001 that one day our Heavenly Father would send a man from another  country to reach India with the good news of God.  Seventeen years later, God brought us together and since then we have seen the power of God's kingdom touch lives and the revelation of God's truth renew people's minds and families.


Health to you ministries India



Health to You Ministry is walking in unity with Bispa Ione Atunes and her Brazilian ministry "Equipe Aguias" de Apostola Neuza Itioka.

It is an honor to come together in unity to do God, the Father's will and see people find freedom and learn to live in the abundant supernatural life of our risen Lord Jesus Christ!!


Health to you ministries Brazil



Niru & Jonah Yonjan lead HTYM in Nepal.

We met on social media and God connected us through that divine appointment in 2016. Niru was healed and Jonah is a discipler/mentor of leaders. Everyone from children to adults have received the profound truths of the kingdom of God revealed by Holy Spirit with simplicity. Many have been healed, freed from spiritual bondage and learned what it is like to live as a son of God. Bless God forever!


Health to you ministries Nepal



Pastor Olanrewaju Abraham represents HTYM in Nigeria.

Pastor Abraham was ministering in Barbados where he met our team leaders, Pastor Hal and Jane Cumberbatch in 2017.  He was convinced by Holy Spirit that Nigeria needed this ministry and we began to pray into God's direction and timing. In March 2018 we visited Nigeria and enjoyed the presence of God. It was a joy to walk with men and women of God, establishing the faith of believers  in Jesus Christ and encouraging/mentoring leaders.


Health to you ministries Nigeria



Pastor Shakeel and Rubina coordinate our ministry in Pakistan.

God brought Pastor Shakeel Gill and Rubina to us through divine international connections. They have an amazing heart for God and seeing people built up in their faith walk in God. In November 2018 we had a short visit in Karachi during which God's grace and revelation flowed in a powerful way. Then in February 2019, our ministry exploded into three of the four provinces with leadership seminars, healings, signs and wonders. 



Health to you ministries Pakistan


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Pastor Tim Roberts

Pastor Tim Roberts has been in ministry since 1975, and has shared the truth and love of God in more than 10 countries.  Fluent in English and Spanish, he's led by God’s Spirit for every mission and message.  

He welcomes opportunities to minister and mentor during retreats, seminars and workshops. 


Pastor Tim Roberts

Pastor Tim Roberts has been in ministry since 1975, and has shared the truth and love of God in more than 10 countries.  Fluent in English and Spanish, he's led by God’s Spirit for every mission and message.  

He welcomes opportunities to minister and mentor during retreats, seminars and workshops. 



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Meet The HTYM Team 

Luise Postman

Team Counsellor

Luise carries an effective mentorship with a mother's heart, loves to lead people in worship of God, is very discerning with wise loving counsel.

Jaqui Barnes

Team Counsellor

Jaqui is trained in inner healing, she carries the mother-heart of God with a gentle sensitivity to Holy Spirit and patient love for others.

Terry Peshke

Team counsellor

Terry is experienced as a youth pastor, feels the father-heart of God, hears prophetically from God with wise insights for practical living.

Joseph S. Chaisson

Team counsellor

Joseph comes alongside the team with encouragement for your heart, loves to help in practical ways, has great focus and insights.