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Pastor Shamon Pakistan
Pastor Shamon shares he has come alive in the power of the kingdom after 16 years of pastoring the ‘traditional way’. Every week he sees people healed and delivered from bondage, properties sanctified and the power of God demonstrated through Holy Spirit revelation. He is also training and mentoring his leadership while reaching several new communities. (This testimony is multiplied by every pastor we are mentoring internationally)
Alston Barbados
Alston was a sincere believer but afraid to speak in public. He lacked confidence. Now he is bold and compassionate, hearing clearly from God, obedient to talk with and pray for people on the street, teach truth with passion, operate in his spiritual authority in Christ and is a wonderful husband and father. Hallelujah!
Karen Canada
I suffered from decreasing bone density and God showed me through this ministry it may have a root of envy. Proverbs 14:30 says that "envy rots the bones". I began asking forgiveness for all the times I had been envious and unforgiving. After my next bone density test the doctor informed me that I should keep doing whatever I had changed because my density was now increasing! Bless God forever!
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