Personal Ministry


Health To You Ministry
A personal ministry appointment is a safe place where Christians in need of healing can come to open their hearts to our Heavenly Father and receive healing
through prayer, loving counsel and the Word of God. If you have taken our "Walking in Wholeness" Basic course you might want to follow up with some personal ministry.
Personal Ministry appointments are open to everyone with interest in receiving healing & teaching from the Word of God (the Bible). Sessions are 1-2 hours in length and they are tailored to help individuals who have suffered from spiritual, physical, mental and emotional distress.
Pastor Tim Roberts has over 30 years of experience in spiritual counseling and prayer ministry and relies on the power and working of the Holy Spirit to bring healing to the individual. All ministry is firmly grounded on scriptural principles.
Principles of inner healing and deliverance are applied as necessary. Full deliverance sessions are also available upon request.
Note: Our prayer counsellors & ministry team are anointed pastors and mature Christians who carry the mandate of Jesus Christ to heal the brokenhearted, and set the captives free. They have gone through the "Walking in Wholeness" Basic course & leadership courses, as well as intensive Biblical training and mentoring in inner healing & deliverance ministries. Please note that even though our staff is fully capable to offer spiritual counselling & prayer ministry they are not all certified professional counsellors by the secular system. Jesus said "by their fruit you shall know them". Our ministry has produced much fruit; we have many wonderful testimonies to share each month.

“Bringing health to every person in spirit, soul and body” To see all nations in the world walk in the freedom of holiness & wholeness to bring both glory to God and God's love and life to mankind. Then go and share the truth with others.   
To teach & administer God´s truth to set people free and be in health as their soul prospers in an obedient relationship to their Heavenly Father.
​(based on John 8:32; 3 John 2; Deut.6:18-19)


Want a different sort of adventure with your friends or family. A guided trip into the wilderness is an excellent way to bond with friend or have a memorable time with your family. I’ll adapt the trip program to your group’s individual needs, ages, etc. 
All of my tours involve some degree of walking, but if you’d like a bit more activity, I’m happy to accommodate. In addition to full day or overnight canoe trips, you can also choose a full day off-road biking tour, mountain climbing, and rappelling. Let me know what interests you.  
Grab your camera or your sketchbook and charcoals, because there are so many highlights on one of these tours, you’ll want to capture them all. From deserted paper mills to highest local peaks, from ice carved caves to ancient trees, enjoy the very best sites in the region. 
If you have something in mind that isn’t described in these pages, just let me know, and I’ll do my best to accommodate. I can adjust for physical limitations or time restraints, or arrange for an extra canoe or two if you’re part of a larger group.  
Many of us do not realize that the spiritual atmosphere around us affects our feelings and thoughts and therefore behaviour, relationships and health. Have you ever walked into a room and felt peaceful or on the contrary, a lot of tension or anger? Also every inanimate object becomes a spiritual battery of good or evil. God told his people to "Bless" the land, houses, people and get rid of "unclean" objects. 
When you book us to come into your home and property, we cleanse and sanctify it in detail, mentoring the spiritual heads of the home as we go. As a result we have seen improvements in health, relationships, a sense of peace and joy in the atmosphere and if there were any spirit visitations or activities, they cease.
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