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Your spiritural journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step

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Precious Emerald

Congratulations on taking the quiz and being honest with yourself. The winners in any race all begin at the starting line.

Sometimes the bonds that hold us back from living life in God's wholeness are strong or deep-rooted.  

When you learn how to recognize spiritual influences in your life, you will become discerning and be able to walk in the wholeness that our Heavenly Father has made available.

Understanding the biblical principles that can help you live in God’s freedom and love is key.


We are looking forward to walking together with you and helping you reach freedom and healing found in the amazing love and life of God. 

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Are you suffering with issues in your mind, body or spirit? Have you tried other remedies without success? 

The rise in holistic medical treatment around the world is proving what the Bible has stated for centuries: that the spirit, soul & body are connected. When they are out of alignment, health problems often arise. 

You may be suffering from a variety of root spiritual issues. The Bible teaches that unforgiveness, anger, fear and occult involvement can produce financial and health hindrances as well as other problems in our lives.

We're here to help you recognize the spiritual roots that may be keeping you from living a full and healthy life. You'll learn how to apply biblical principles that will realign your spirit, soul and body so you can live in God's wholeness.

Since 2009, Health to You Ministry has been helping people live healthy, free lives by the power and word of God.  

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