Health To You Ministry

Learn from God's Truth How You Can Be Free From Issues Of Your Past And Present.

Spiritual alignment often leads to physical healing from headaches, depression, dysfunctional relationships and more!

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What we offer

Overcome Challenges so You May Live In God's Purpose & Blessings

HTYM 4 Day Challenge

4-Day Challenge Online Workshop

  • 2 x hours lessons 
  • Ministry time recorded guidance
  • PDF Worksheet [Download] 
  • Ministry time recorded guidance
  • Access our FB Community



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HTYM 4 Day Challenge

Foundational Video Training

  • 20 hr of Teachings
  • Walking in Wholeness workbook
  • 30 mins consultation call
  • 30 mins prayer call




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HTYM 4 Day Challenge

Foundational Training LIVE 

  • 18 interactive lessons 
  • Access to the LIVE training
  • 20 hours of teaching  
  • 30 x mins discovery call
  • 1 counselling call



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Personal Ministry

Personal Ministry Session - 1 Hour

Counsel for struggles with: 

  • Relationship issues
  • Financial issues
  • Emotional issues
  • Dysfunctionality
  • Physical disease


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Empowered To Minister LIVE Masterclass

Building On Foundations & Equipping The Saints For Healing, Freedom & Transformation In Spirit, Soul & Body.

  • Real-world hands-on ministry
  • Be fulfilled in your calling in Christ
  • Opportunities to minister abroad
  • Live a faith centred life

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Some Other Ways We Would Love To Be A Blessing To You

Spiritual House Cleansing

Our homes need to be a place of peace, love and joy. It's time to change the spiritual atmosphere and contamination on our property.

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Book Pastor Tim

Invite pastor Tim to come share over 30 years of ministry wisdom and teach at your church, leadership ministry or small group. 

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Walking In Wholeness Series

Foundational Video Course

Have your way of thinking renewed through His Living Word, which is different from the power of positive thinking. It brings divine wholeness and abundant life to your spirit, soul and body.

Through this course you will experience spiritual, emotional & mental healing which may lead to complete physical healing of many ailments.*

The Walking in Wholeness Foundational Course includes:

  • 18 lessons in an interactive format
  • up to 20 hours of teaching and ministry time 
  • course scheduling options to suit your needs

All Walking in Wholeness instructors have gone through the course themselves and had their lives transformed by our Heavenly Father in ways that they never thought possible.

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Walking In Wholeness Series 

Foundational Course LIVE

Through this course you will experience spiritual, emotional & mental healing which may lead to complete physical healing of many ailments.*

You will learn:

  • How God's Truth can set you free from issues from your past and present
  • To be discerning in the wholeness of spirit, soul and body that our Heavenly Father has made available
  • To renew your thinking and have clarity of perspective
  • To walk in alignment with His Living Word and have unshakable peace
  • Receive divine wholeness, joy and abundant life 

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Junio 11, 18 y 25 (Spanish)

  • Curso Fundamental LIVE

October 20-22 & 27-29

  • Foundational LIVE Course

Personal Ministry Sessions

Schedule a Personal Ministry Session

Let's book a time to find out how we can help you overcome those issues so that you can live in the freedom, blessing and purpose God designed for you. 

You can find healing in Jesus through personal appointment, including if you are struggling with:

  • Problems with your children
  • Your marriage or other dysfunctional relationship
  • Chronic illness or auto-immune disease
  • Depression, rejection, phobia or overwhelming thoughts
  • Grief or the loss of a loved one
  • Abnormal spiritual experience
  • Inability to move on from a broken relationship

On this 60-minute personal ministry call we will:

  • Get clear on what issues need dealing with immediately
  • Find out where you stand right now with your current situation or issue
  • Find out how we can help so that you can gain a victory or freedom over the issue

Personal ministry appointments are available for those ages 12 and up, or children accompanied by a parent or guardian.

(All pricing in USD)

NOTE: Our staff are not certified professional counsellors. We offer spiritual counseling & prayer ministry based on Biblical and pastoral care principles and practices.

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Wayne Visser WIWFS Grad
I was healed of graves disease.
Gabriella Mullins WIWFS 2nd time student
Taking the course again, God went deeper.
Anne Marie WIWFS Grad
My father-daughter relationship was restored through forgiveness.

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