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When You Start Dealing With Your Root Issues, You Will Stop The Curses In Your Life

Life can be tough when we're struggling with lack, hinderances, relationship issues that just don't seem to want to get resolved no matter how hard you try. 

They may temporarily go away and leave you with a false sense of security only to return another day making you feel like you almost expect only bad things to happen. Bracing yourself, not knowing when and where the attack will come from next. 

We understand how difficult, frustrating and even painful it can be when you're trying to deal with underlying issues you may not even know exist and yet, never seem to get any results or breakthroughs. 

Emotional Issues like, 

  • Fear
  • Addiction
  • Rejection
  • Bitternes

How many times have you missed opportunities, lost possessions or relationships failed to complete task or haven't been able to keep your word on something. 

This doesn't mean you're a bad person. You just haven't yet dealt with the ROOT causes of these issues that seem to keep you running in circles, never getting anywhere in life. They just play out again and again and again. 

And how much has it cost you in time, money and perhaps other things lost?

We need to deal with the ROOT causes if we're every going to get past them. Not just the surface stuff, but pull the whole ROOT(s) out!

So, are you ready to deal with your ROOTS?


Walking In Wholeness 4-Day Spiritual Journey Will Help You Experience Emotional, Mental And Even Physical Healing 


Walk In Truth

The Relationship of our spirit, soul and body.

Learn from God's Truth how you can be free from issues from your past and present. You will become discerning and learn to walk in the wholeness of spirit, soul and body that our Heavenly Father has made available.  

Walking in truth shadow


Walk In Abundance

Getting to know our Heavenly Father.

Have your way of thinking renewed through His Living Word, which is different from the power of positive thinking. It brings divine wholeness and abundant life.

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Walk In Freedom

The Freedom of Forgiveness

We find Liberty in forgiveness and asking forgiveness. The bait is usually an offense against us. Learn to not take the bait by being offended. How much has it cost you in time or money when you carried on in an offence you percieved someone caused you?


Walking in Wholeness


Walk In Wholeness

Dealing With Difficult Relationships

One of the most challenging parts of our lives are how to deal with difficult relationships wisely without getting sucked into the dysfunction. Learn the 5 tools that will help you know how to respond in these kinds of relationships.



Your Restoration Is Just Around The Corner 

You're here today because you've had enough of going in circles and you know that NOW is the time to take your life back. We'll teach you and give you the environment, the support. You enter with your willingness and togther we'll watch God do amazing things in your life that you may have never thought possible before. 

Now, we don't want to completely sugar-coat it. Many people have come through this ministry and walked away with healing and breakthroughs in their relationships, finances and life. But they also put the work in. In this safe place, they open up, spoke honestly about where they were at and even cried sometimes for days. After that they walked away changed from when they first walked in. 

Wouldn't it be worth it, if you can have:

  • Freedom from emotional issues
  • Resolved or restored relationships
  • Break free from addictions
  • Overcome fears, guilt and shame
  • Know that you are loved and accepted
  • Give back to others and help them too

If you're ready to accept this challenge to get started, and you can also state both plans here and link buttons to each plan.

Yes, I'm Ready To Start

Walking in Wholeness 4-Day Webclass

Learn how God's truth can help break you free from toxic behaviours, relationships and other ailments so you

can walk free in wholeness as He intended you to.










Wayne Visser Walking In Wholeness Student
I was freed from fear of man issues which was turning up as graves disease!
Gabriella Mullins WIW 2nd Time Student
The Lord did a deep work ... pulling stuff [unresolved issues]out of me I didn't know was there.
Anne Marie Walking In Wholeness Student
I was able to forgive my father... I have a wonderful relationship with my father.

Walking In Wholeness 4-Day Challenge

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Walking in Wholeness 4-Day Webclass

Now is your chance! Take this opportunity to walk in wholeness. Maybe you're just starting a new chapted or maybe you've gotten off track. God knows, He always knew and He's waiting for you.

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